InnoLAMP Technology

G2GBIO specializes in developing long acting microsphere products. We have been developing unique InnoLAMP technology which can make monodisperse PLGA, PLA or PCL microspheres for long acting drugs or dermal filler.

What makes us different?

Precise Size & Release Control

Our proprietary platform technology enables us to produce the microspheres with exact sizes and finely controlled release profile.

~20 μm
~40 μm
~60 μm
~80 μm
Easy Scale-up

InnoLAMP technology differentiates in easy scale-up and simple aseptic process compared to other conventional technologies.

Various Indications

Our technology can be applied to various indications such as central nervous system diseases such as dementia or schizophrenia, and chronic diseases such as cancer and diabetes. We will gradually expand our target to various diseases with medical unmet need for sustained release.

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