About Us

G2GBIO stands for "Good to Globe "Biotechnology”. Our vision lies in practicing "Respect for Life" by supplying good medicines to patients all over the world.

G2GBIO is devoted to developing improved long-acting medicines by enhancing the convenience of medication administration and adherence for patients with chronic diseases such as dementia.

G2GBIO has many experienced and committed employees who are actively engaged in developing new sustained drug delivery systems.

G2GBIO possesses proprietary cutting-edge technology. Our "InnoLAMP" technology can be employed to develop advanced controlled release drug products.

We plan to expand our business areas in the near future by exploring potential usages of our "InnoLAMP" technology in order to improve the efficacy of drugs for a variety of chronic diseases such as diabetes and cancers.

Our mindset of “Challenge”, “Cooperation” and “Creativity” allows us to become a dynamic, world-class biotechnology company.