G2GBIO developed proprietary InnoLAMP(Innovative Long-Acting MicroParticle) technology to overcome the limitations of conventional manufacturing methods and succeeded in producing competitive microspheres by applying it.

InnoLAMP(Innovative Long-Acting MicroParticle)
Principle of drug sustainability

Sustained release from one week to more than six months
Alzheimer's disease, post-operative pain, Type 2 diabetes, osteoarthritis, and more

Technology for uniform microsphere manufacturing & mass production

Particle size control
Primary determination based on the pore size of the membrane
High GMP compliance Scale-up
Easy scale-up of up to several kilograms per hour
Technology for uniform microsphere manufacturing & mass production
10kg ~ 20kg pilot scale Manufacturing facilities
Uniform production of microspheres in various sizes
G2GBIO's proprietary technology enables easy mass production of uniform microspheres and can be applied to highly soluble drugs (e.g. peptides) with fast production speed.

Proprietary Technology (InnoLAMP:Innovative Long-Acting MicroParticle)

G2GBIO's technology involves the production of uniform microspheres (10~100μm) by encapsulating drugs with biodegradable polymers
The drug is sustainably released over a period of one week to several months, allowing for long-lasting effects of the drug.
Strength of InnoLAMP
Precise size & release control
The uniform production of microspheres and precise control over their release profile
Easy Scale-Up
Easier scale-up and sterile GMP production compared to the conventional technologies
Diverse Applications
Application in various diseases with unmet medical needs in terms of drug sustainability and medication adherence
InnoLAMP's manufacturing method based on membrane emulsification
Simplification of the existing production process and optimization of sterile GMP production of pharmaceuticals


G2GBIO's InteLAMP provides the effect of drugs released from sustained-release microspheres with uniform distribution within the tumor tissue selectively killing cancer cells.

InteLAMP(Intelligent Local-Acting MicroParticle) Principle and Differentiation of Technology

Customized sustained-release microsphere treatments can be developed using InteLAMP technology
Improved distribution of microspheres within tumors

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