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G2GBio signs a Collaboration Agreement with a global pharmaceutical company for long-acting diabetes treatment
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G2GBio signs a Collaboration Agreement with a global pharmaceutical company for long-acting diabetes treatment



(Photo, G2GBIO Microsphere Manufacturing GMP)



On the 31st of last month, G2GBio announced that it has entered into a Collaboration Agreement for joint research followed by pursuing technology transfer and commercialization of a diabetes treatment developed and manufactured by long-acting microsphere production technology with a global pharmaceutical.


Under the agreement, the global pharmaceutical company will provide the necessary drug substances and related information on commercialized diabetes treatments for research and evaluation purposes. G2GBio plans to apply its platform technology on these drug substances to manufacture long-acting microsphere injectables that can maintain efficacy for more than a month.


Long-acting injectables, also known as sustained-release injectables, are medications that can replace daily oral medication intakes or injectables to injectables administered once every few weeks or months. 


As part of the Collaboration Agreement, both parties have agreed to evaluate the candidate substances using G2GBio's designated testing methods and have established specific success criteria. G2GBio has already completed formulation development and acquired data for these candidate substances.


This medication has the potential to be applied not only in diabetes treatment but also in obesity treatment, expanding its market prospects if successfully developed.


CEO Heeyong Lee stated, "Sustained-release injectables are a significant advancement for patients who require regular diabetes treatments," and emphasized that “G2GBio is developing medications with once-monthly or longer durations of effectiveness using globally cutting-edge drug substances for diabetes treatment”.


Furthermore, based on the evaluation results of this study, the global pharmaceutical company intends to explore further collaboration with G2GBio for the development of next-generation long-acting diabetes treatments.